Hello, I am

Gregor "hrax" Magdolen

Software engineer, gamer, biker and amateur photographer.


10+ years development experience
6+ years Service Now experience
27+ closed source projects


Software developer with more than 10 years of experience in application development and support, currently specializing in development and project consultancy on Service Now platform.

Apart from the development, I have experience with application design as well as formulating coding standards and performing technical acceptance tests.

In the past I have worked on projects for Pilsner Urquell, Stock Plzeƈ, SABMiller Europe Import Markets, IDC CEMA or DHL IT Services.

In my free time I have tinkered with Bash, Python and LUA scripting, and currently I am "playing with" in Node.js and NPM.


HTML(5), CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, XML, XSD, WSDL
Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, Mockito, Maven, Ant, Vaadin
Eclipse, Photoshop
Versioning systems:
Service Now



NodeJS CLI to lint script update set changes on Service Now instances based on the user table configuration.

Offers independent lint configuration with possibility to utilize custom ESLint plugins compared to the solution provided by Service Now out-of-box.

NOW Sublime 3 Sync

A fork of Salcosta's Service Now Sublime 3 Sync.

Fork includes enhancements such as:

  • Connect to Service Now instance using vanity url
  • Swap the instances in the project
  • Activate connection via proxy globally in the editor or per project

Security TOTP

Time-Based One-Time Password Alogrithm library that adheres to RFC6238 and is compatible with Google Authenticator Application.

Very easy to use and can provide additional level of security without necessity to develop own code generating mobile application.

Payday 2 ProHUD

Proof of concept of programming mods in LUA for a game Payday 2. Different mods already created for the game by different authors were stiched together into a custom mod, with UI overhaul that followed later.

Mod was discontinued mostly due to the time constraints.


There is a simpler way to write WebDriver tests - with Stories!

The motion behind this project is to simplify writing of WebDriver tests. WebDriver itself is useful tool but most of the time it requires a lot of writing to perform simple operations.